Shopping Satisfaction

It was my birthday on Monday and I went out shopping in town with some old friends whom I hadn’t seen in aaages. I came home with new heels, a nice blue blouse and new nail polish – all on sale. I went out again on Wednesday with my best mates from school, and this time I found some nice jeans for such a bargain price. I have to say, I love the feeling of satisfaction that you get after buying something you really like. So right now I am a very happy girl (:

Can't stop strutting around my room in these (:

I love this new pair of jeans, it would go well with anything I reckon. I particularly love the zip detailing on the side there. That bag is my absolute faave and I take it everywhere.

The colour works with both summer and winter. Can't wait to wear it out!

The two OPIs were from a cosmetics sale for only 12 bucks! The SHISEM ones were from an asian makeup store in town, only 5 dollars each.


2 Comments on “Shopping Satisfaction”

  1. Jade says:

    that blue shirt is gorgeous! where from? i’m stealing it from you!

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