Things I am Loving ATM – December

I go through different obsessions all the time, right now I have to say that these are the main things I am in love with:

White tulips are so delicate and pure. In a vase, they would add natural beauty to any room

Bright and bold colours are in fashion at the moment, and I love this bold purple blazer, it would look so good contrasted against another colour

I am obsessed with eyecatching, bright posters with typography or some sort of inspirational quote in bold block letters

Bold and bright (yet again, I think we can establish that I LOVE all things bold and bright) patterned pillows that would jazz up any room

Vintage toy cameras, but modernised, if you get what I mean. I think they just look so cool and they add such a different effect to photos

So those are my current obsessions for you. None of these photos are mine; they were found various tumblr blogs (

Cerys x


2 Comments on “Things I am Loving ATM – December”

  1. Tara says:

    Love the purple blazer! I’m a sucker for anything purple at the moment…

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