10 Things to Remember When Shopping – especially sale shopping!

Note: This post is from http://what-do-i-wear.tumblr.com. Find the link here

I found this handy, helpful guide of 10 useful tips on sales shopping on what-do-i-wear’s tumblr. I will definitely be keeping these pointers in mind next time I go shopping! Hopefully you will find them useful too. Enjoy x 

1. Do your research.

‘Research tip’ browse online before you go. This way you can compare prices and since most of the stores nowadays have online stores or at least lookbooks of their collection, you’ll learn which stores are going to be worth your visit and which ones aren’t.

2. Make a wishlist.

Nothing can be more distracting than mountains of clothing and those crazy colored sale signs. Therefor it’s a must to create a list of all things you need and things you really want. If you see something in the store that you didn’t put on the list, it’s not an option to take it home with you. Remember to keep next season in mind when making this list, try to get pieces that will either match the trends next season or pieces that are timeless.

3. Set a budget.

It’s best to set a budget for three different types of pieces. Set a price limit for items that are actual essentials (basics that you ‘really’ need), one for items that you have to have and an ultimate price limit, for that one single designer piece that forces you to eat bread and drink water for a whole month. Once you’ve reached your ultimate price limit, it’s time to go home.

4. Prepare.

Wear the right clothing during sale shopping. Something comfy, something that is easy to take off and put back on again. You don’t want to be in those changing rooms, getting frustrated about the super tight jeans you’re wearing, just because you can’t get them off. If you’re on the hunt for the perfect shirt to match with a particular pair of pants, wear those pants.

5. Be an early bird.

When sale starts, get up and be the first in front of your favorite stores. This way you’ll snatch the best items, before someone else does.

6. When in doubt, don’t buy.

If you wouldn’t consider an item at full price, don’t even bother to get it in sale.

7. If it doesn’t fit, don’t buy.

Always try it on. I have all kinds of sizes in my closet. From a European 40 to an American size 2. When an item is labeled as L, it doesn’t mean it fits that way. If an item doesn’t fit you right, don’t bother to take it home with you. The fact that it isn’t right for you, doesn’t change once you get home.

8. Check for holes and such.

Especially during the sale period, there’s a lot of items to be found in stores with wholes, missing buttons, etc. Do an extra check – it’s best to check when trying on – before you run off to the cash register.

9. Go for basics and lovers.

It’s best to buy your basics during sale. This way, you can afford a basic that is a little more expensive. Basics stay the same every single season and it’s better to invest in a basic that is made of better quality than to have to buy them again every half a year.

10. Break one of the above rules.

Rules are made to be broken, right? (via: afterdrk)


Cambridge Satchels in Neon Brights

I love these old school satchels in bold, eye-catching neon colours. They brighten up any outfit and add a punch of colour. Colour blocking is in fashion at the moment and these statement bags would look perfect against contrasting shades. Plus they are nice and big to fit everything in, not like those tiny cross-body bags which barely fit a wallet. I found cheap-ish cambridge satchels on Nastygal.com in neon pink and neon yellow – I would love the yellow one.

Let’s hope I find a cheap one here during my time here in Hong Kong!

Cerys x


Red Blue and Yellow

These photos of me were taken a while ago by my friend (you should check out her wordpress: http://www.floralerose.wordpress.com) with her sister’s amazing camera. (words cannot explain how much I want one of those big cameras that take the most beautiful quality photos)

Anywaaay, I really love the bright hues of the primary colours red, blue and yellow in these shots. They contrast so much yet still complement each other. The dress and cardigan were both found by my friend in opshops – she is a keen opshopper and seems to get the best clothes for under 10 dollars! The bracelets I’m wearing are all mine, I made the sand coloured ones and I wear them whenever I go out, as they go with any outfit and any occasion (:

Have a lovely day!

Cerys x

Cold Colours: OPI nail polish

I love these simple matte, non-sparkly pastel colours – they would look so gorgeous. But I’m not willing to spend 25-30 dollars on a single OPI nail lacquer (they are so overpriced..sigh) so I will be looking for cheap versions of these colours when I head into winter in Hong Kong next Thursday (so excited asdfjzidhg)