Paintbrushes and Pohutukawa Flowers

Amidst all the rush to pack, buy Christmas presents and organise everything for Hong Kong tonight, I was working on a painting on canvas of some NZ native pohutukawa flowers to give to my grandparents for Christmas. It was kind of rushed, so it’s not perfect, but I think the bright red flowers look real nice. The background was meant to be abstract but it turned out all icky, like a five year old had sloshed a paintbrush around. Oh well, I’m still proud of the painting! Take a peek!

Hope you guys like it. I reckon it will brighten up and add some colour to my grandparent’s tiny little flat. The pohutukawa tree is known as NZ’s Christmas tree, which is why I decided to paint them. This took me a few hours over two days to complete.

Hong Kong toniiiiiiiiiight woohooo (so I may not be posting for a while)

Have a lovely day!

Cerys x


Turquoise Typography

As you all know, I’m currently going through a ‘room decoration’ phase – inspired by amazing bedrooms on tumblr and other blogs. I’ve been trying to create my own ‘wall art’ – basically framed prints, artwork and photos – which I will put in my room. I’ve been doing this on and off all holiday and here is a photo of my first completed wall art. I love all the images, and the colour scheme matches the light blue walls of my room.

I’m working on making another bunch of framed prints, which I will show you all another time!

Cerys x

One day my desk will look like this.. (#1 of 2)

I wish that my deskspace was clean, uncluttered, spacious, simple, fresh, organised and white with dashes of pretty colours here and there. I would like a massive pinboard where I can put up things that inspire me, interesting clippings, photos and pictures from fashion magazines. I am at my desk right now and it is a pigsty, not gonna lie. I’ve been so lazy all holiday and haven’t been bothered to clean it, despite having friends over. However, I have made an effort to jazz up the walls around it a little. I might take a photo to show you what I mean when my desk is tidier, haha.

For now, here are some stunning images off my tumblr ( <–do check it out, it is actually my life hahah and I love how it’s looking) of some amazing deskspaces that inspire me to revamp and redecorate my desk and the area around it so that one day it will look just as good, with a lil Cerys edge to it (:

More amazing deskspace images to come, so watch this space! None of these photos owned by me unless stated

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Cerys x

Cocoa and Hearts Paintings

These simple dashes of co-ordinated colours framed in white may not seem like much, but I think they look stunning and would add freshness and colour to any room. I am in love! They are so chic.

The actual paintings are pretty pricey (they are from but I reckon they would be so simple to make yourself, if you had the right colours of paint. New holiday project pour moi (: I’m pretty keen to get started on a turquoise and lilac one for my room. They would be fab Christmas presents too! Will update you all when I get around to doing it (which will probably be at least 3 weeks later, when I get back from Hong Kong!)

Images from

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Things I am Loving ATM – December

I go through different obsessions all the time, right now I have to say that these are the main things I am in love with:

White tulips are so delicate and pure. In a vase, they would add natural beauty to any room

Bright and bold colours are in fashion at the moment, and I love this bold purple blazer, it would look so good contrasted against another colour

I am obsessed with eyecatching, bright posters with typography or some sort of inspirational quote in bold block letters

Bold and bright (yet again, I think we can establish that I LOVE all things bold and bright) patterned pillows that would jazz up any room

Vintage toy cameras, but modernised, if you get what I mean. I think they just look so cool and they add such a different effect to photos

So those are my current obsessions for you. None of these photos are mine; they were found various tumblr blogs (

Cerys x

Paper Lanterns

Came across this beauty at the two dollar shop at my local mall! I’m stoked as it was only 3 bucks and it’s perfect for my room, as the colour scheme of my room is light blue and light green.
I am keen to get this hung from my ceiling! In the meantime though, it is pretty fun to play with. Let’s hope it doesn’t break before I actually get around to hanging it up (: