Canon EOS 600D (:

Aasdfljsakghjhh ahhhh we got a new camera 😀 So exciting! I have waited for years to buy a pro camera and now it feels surreal to have one. I had a lot of fun this weekend testing the camera out and I have to say, it is amazing. I love it ❤ The way it focuses so well…its depth of field…the vivid colours and details that it detects…I could go on forever. Haha, I am just so happy as we have never had this kind of camera before. I went around my garden snapping photos today, here are a few. x

I haven’t posted in a loooooong while, sorry about that – I’ve just been so busy with school, dancing, homework and everything. However the new camera has inspired me to update this blog more with my own photography so hopefully I will be adding more photos soon.

Until next time, C. x

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Oriental Birdcages

During my time in Hong Kong we visited the charming Yuen Po Street Bird Garden (better known as Bird Street) in Mongkok, Kowloon. This street is famous and is where Hong Kong’s songbird owners gather to show off and socialise their feathered friends. I found the small wooden birdcages that the birds are kept in so pretty and old-fashioned. I didn’t realise people still kept songbirds, as emperors did long ago in ancient China. The intricate patterns carved into the bases of the cages were beautiful. There were also street stalls overflowing with birdcages and other birdy necessities.

With the sunlight shining through between the birdcage bars, and the beauty of the many songbirds flitting about in their cages, I couldn’t resist taking a ton of photos. Here is just a snippet of the vast amount of photos I took.

Hope you’re all having a lovely day. Me – not so much. The weather is terrible here even though it’s summer…I was meant to go to the beach with friends today but the weather intervened with our plans ): So I have just mucking around at home all day, blogging, reading, and learning a dance off youtube!

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Love, C. x


Hong Kong Flower Markets

Hello lovelies, sorry I haven’t posted in a loooooong while as I have been pretty tied up here in Hong Kong – spending time with extended family, meeting up with my parent’s old friends, shopping, sightseeing, going to themeparks and having a fab time! Sadly I am leaving tomorrow 😥 I love it here and I don’t want to leave! I will miss everyone so much.

On Monday we went to the flower markets in Mongkok, Kowloon – and oh, what a sight it was. Streets and streets lined with flower stores galore. Beautiful bouquets wherever I looked…fresh flowers and smells…rows and rows of colour all around me. It was so pretty and vibrant there! I was so eager to take as many photos as possible! I could have stayed there all afternoon browsing through the gorgeous flower stalls, but we were a bit short on time.

Here are a select few snaps.

Red Blue and Yellow

These photos of me were taken a while ago by my friend (you should check out her wordpress: with her sister’s amazing camera. (words cannot explain how much I want one of those big cameras that take the most beautiful quality photos)

Anywaaay, I really love the bright hues of the primary colours red, blue and yellow in these shots. They contrast so much yet still complement each other. The dress and cardigan were both found by my friend in opshops – she is a keen opshopper and seems to get the best clothes for under 10 dollars! The bracelets I’m wearing are all mine, I made the sand coloured ones and I wear them whenever I go out, as they go with any outfit and any occasion (:

Have a lovely day!

Cerys x

Snippets of Summer

It’s meant to be sunny hot summer down here in the Southern hemisphere. So why is it so darn dreary? Rain rain go awaaay. You’re ruining my holiday plans. I’m meant to be tanning and going to the beach and swimming and going for walks instead of being stuck in the house, eyes glued to my computer.

Sorry for the complaining guys..I just want to enjoy summer before I head off to Hong Kong

Well here are some photos to remind those of you in Winter at the moment about summer! Enjoy. (Disclaimer: None of these photos are mine unless stated)

Cerys x