Hong Kong In Two Days

asdfjghasjdfklzdgn! I’m so excited, but I don’t think the actual reality of it has kicked in. I mean, we only go like once every two or three years, and practically all of our family friends and extended family live there.

I can’t wait to see my grandparents, cousins, aunties and uncles. I can’t wait to walk through massive shopping malls and feel the Hong Kong Christmas atmosphere. I can’t wait to spend Christmas and New Years with everybody. I can’t wait to eat delicious food. I can’t wait to go shopping. I can’t wait to have fun with my cousins – Disneyland and Ocean Park and going biking and swimming and everything. I can’t wait to be in the busy city streets with crowds of people surrounding me. I can’t wait to see and discover so many new places. I can’t wait to live in Hong Kong for three weeks. I CAN’T WAIT! I love it there. It’s like the motherland, my second home. I feel so at ease and at home there, with no troubles or worries.

I haven’t seen and have barely talked to my family there for two years, so I am keen to spend quality time with them. One problem: last time I went, I actually promised everyone that I would start learning Chinese (everyone was pestering me and I felt a bit out of place. I can speak it alright…ish…but I can’t read or write in Chinese) as soon as I got home. I told everyone that the next time I came to HK, I would be fluent in Chinese. Uhm…..two years later, I have gotten even worse and I haven’t written a single Chinese word. I just haven’t had time! I’m so busy with school, dancing, everything. And to be honest I completely forgot about it until like this term. And now my mum is lecturing me about it as well, greeeat. Ah well, I’ll just try to  pick up on as much Chinese as possible while I’m there. We’ll see!

Gotta start on my packing list now. Until next time!

Cerys x


Turquoise Typography

As you all know, I’m currently going through a ‘room decoration’ phase – inspired by amazing bedrooms on tumblr and other blogs. I’ve been trying to create my own ‘wall art’ – basically framed prints, artwork and photos – which I will put in my room. I’ve been doing this on and off all holiday and here is a photo of my first completed wall art. I love all the images, and the colour scheme matches the light blue walls of my room.

I’m working on making another bunch of framed prints, which I will show you all another time!

Cerys x

Dresses to Impress

I really adore these bold, statement summer frocks with simplistic patterns, wide straps. I mean, if you had nothing to wear on a hot summer’s day, you could just chuck on a dress like this, add some nice sandals or heels, a cross-body bag, a floppy sunhat and you’d be all set. In fact you could wear these dresses to any occasion, whether it be the beach or a nice restaurant – though you would pair them with different accessories for each event.

Images not owned by me.

Cerys x

One day my desk will look like this.. (#1 of 2)

I wish that my deskspace was clean, uncluttered, spacious, simple, fresh, organised and white with dashes of pretty colours here and there. I would like a massive pinboard where I can put up things that inspire me, interesting clippings, photos and pictures from fashion magazines. I am at my desk right now and it is a pigsty, not gonna lie. I’ve been so lazy all holiday and haven’t been bothered to clean it, despite having friends over. However, I have made an effort to jazz up the walls around it a little. I might take a photo to show you what I mean when my desk is tidier, haha.

For now, here are some stunning images off my tumblr (www.artistique.tumblr.com <–do check it out, it is actually my life hahah and I love how it’s looking) of some amazing deskspaces that inspire me to revamp and redecorate my desk and the area around it so that one day it will look just as good, with a lil Cerys edge to it (:

More amazing deskspace images to come, so watch this space! None of these photos owned by me unless stated

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Cerys x

Red Blue and Yellow

These photos of me were taken a while ago by my friend (you should check out her wordpress: http://www.floralerose.wordpress.com) with her sister’s amazing camera. (words cannot explain how much I want one of those big cameras that take the most beautiful quality photos)

Anywaaay, I really love the bright hues of the primary colours red, blue and yellow in these shots. They contrast so much yet still complement each other. The dress and cardigan were both found by my friend in opshops – she is a keen opshopper and seems to get the best clothes for under 10 dollars! The bracelets I’m wearing are all mine, I made the sand coloured ones and I wear them whenever I go out, as they go with any outfit and any occasion (:

Have a lovely day!

Cerys x

Cocoa and Hearts Paintings

These simple dashes of co-ordinated colours framed in white may not seem like much, but I think they look stunning and would add freshness and colour to any room. I am in love! They are so chic.

The actual paintings are pretty pricey (they are from http://www.cocoaandhearts.com) but I reckon they would be so simple to make yourself, if you had the right colours of paint. New holiday project pour moi (: I’m pretty keen to get started on a turquoise and lilac one for my room. They would be fab Christmas presents too! Will update you all when I get around to doing it (which will probably be at least 3 weeks later, when I get back from Hong Kong!)

Images from http://www.cocoaandhearts.com

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Cerys x

Snippets of Summer

It’s meant to be sunny hot summer down here in the Southern hemisphere. So why is it so darn dreary? Rain rain go awaaay. You’re ruining my holiday plans. I’m meant to be tanning and going to the beach and swimming and going for walks instead of being stuck in the house, eyes glued to my computer.

Sorry for the complaining guys..I just want to enjoy summer before I head off to Hong Kong

Well here are some photos to remind those of you in Winter at the moment about summer! Enjoy. (Disclaimer: None of these photos are mine unless stated)

Cerys x