Paintbrushes and Pohutukawa Flowers

Amidst all the rush to pack, buy Christmas presents and organise everything for Hong Kong tonight, I was working on a painting on canvas of some NZ native pohutukawa flowers to give to my grandparents for Christmas. It was kind of rushed, so it’s not perfect, but I think the bright red flowers look real nice. The background was meant to be abstract but it turned out all icky, like a five year old had sloshed a paintbrush around. Oh well, I’m still proud of the painting! Take a peek!

Hope you guys like it. I reckon it will brighten up and add some colour to my grandparent’s tiny little flat. The pohutukawa tree is known as NZ’s Christmas tree, which is why I decided to paint them. This took me a few hours over two days to complete.

Hong Kong toniiiiiiiiiight woohooo (so I may not be posting for a while)

Have a lovely day!

Cerys x


Cocoa and Hearts Paintings

These simple dashes of co-ordinated colours framed in white may not seem like much, but I think they look stunning and would add freshness and colour to any room. I am in love! They are so chic.

The actual paintings are pretty pricey (they are from but I reckon they would be so simple to make yourself, if you had the right colours of paint. New holiday project pour moi (: I’m pretty keen to get started on a turquoise and lilac one for my room. They would be fab Christmas presents too! Will update you all when I get around to doing it (which will probably be at least 3 weeks later, when I get back from Hong Kong!)

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Cerys x